Sunday, 23 June 2013

Workshop for students/ freshers                                                                                  

Workshop (career guide / job oriented) can play a crucial role in graduate student professional development. They provide valuable experience for graduate students, and can be beneficial in multiple ways. An internship offers an opportunity to gain relevant experience, and to get a realistic perspective on what it is like to work within a given field. If you decide to seek employment in your internship area, employers know you are making an informed choice, rather than a last-ditch, "anything other than academia" leap.

What you learn in workshop?

The workshop is valuable in terms of skill development, another key advantage is that you can gain an insider perspective of the profession. 
In workshop, you have the unique vantage point of being in a learning or training role within the organization. You have opportunities to gather information through both formal and informal means. Take the opportunity to ask colleagues about their career paths. The more information you have, the better you can determine whether the field is a good match for you. Employers place a high value on relevant skills and work experience.

What is the difference between internship and workshop /  training?
Many people confuse between these two words.. 

'Internship' is an opportunity where you practically apply your academic knowledge , example-doing some project work, etc.

Whereas workshop/training as the name says is a workshop/training program. If students undergo workshop in a company and you gain good guidance for higher studies or get a view which jobs suits for you or how to get a suitable job and what qualities you should improve within yourself to reach your goal etc., If you are already working and you undergo training in some field in a company/ industry and you gain more practical knowledge, sharpen you skills etc. You may or may not do some project, but it's not a compulsion. It depends on the company if they want you to involve in some project work.

                                                                     Strengths of workshop

  • Encourage communication and acceptance of other viewpoints
  • Are useful when the solutions to problems are not clear
  • Are useful for small groups where there is a common interest or concern.

How can choose quality workshop / check the conducting workshop is worth for you.....?

  • Check the portfolio of conducting institute / person.
  • Should verify time period (HOUR LECTURE IS NOT A WORKSHOP)
  • Should ask whom they are specifying for workshop.
  • Is there any extension programme after workshop.


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