Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Why Don't you be a Freelancer...

What is Freelancer:

freelancer or (freelance worker) is a self-employed person working in a profession or trade. Instead of being employed by a specific company, freelancers contract out their talent. Before, there were only a few specific jobs offered in a freelance capacity.“Now we’re seeing a really big broadening across occupations and industries. Freelancers can be found in all fields — writing, photography, consultants, and many others.

Advantages of being a freelancer:

Flexible Hours –People who prefer to work very late or begin very early have the freedom to do so, instead of conforming to office hours. Many freelancers feel that they have more time to work if they aren't required to commute or sit in staff meetings. The first advantage of becoming a freelancer is that you can work whenever you want. You get to choose your own hours. If you want to sleep in until noon, you can do that. If you want to take the weekend off so you can explore the city, by all means, go for it. As a freelancer, you can actually work during your most productive hours, and those hours don’t have to fall in during regular business hours.

Working on a variety of projects offers a diversification of skills and exposure to different people. Self-starting and the ability to choose projects also gives them more ownership over their careers, rather than working on someone else’s terms. Plus, freelancing typically offers flexibility of location and schedule.

you can choose to work wherever you want, whether you choose to work in a local coffee shop or while you’re on vacation in Europe.  You are no longer stuck in an office or even in your home. Find a place in which you work best. You could work in a park, at the library, or in your living room

When you work for someone else, you don’t get a choice of who you work with. You can become stuck with unprofessional or rude clients. But, when you’re a freelancer, you can choose with whom you work. As a freelancer, you can choose the clients you wish to work with and the projects on which you work, particularly if you have an excess of work. You can drop high maintenance or slow-paying clients or turn down undesirable projects if you desire.

You’re the Boss – You no longer have to answer to anyone but your clients and yourself. You are free to do as you please, when you please. Making all the tough decisions just became your responsibility; you have all the control.Freelancers get to be their own bosses.

You Keep All the Profits – No longer do you have to work for a flat rate, no matter how large the projects are  you complete. Now, you get to allocate or keep all the profits from your large and small projects and clients. This gives you the freedom to then use that money to improve yourself and expand your business

Few are crucial areas where now-a-days freelancing is widely in Progress..

Webpage design- This is a growing field, and many small businesses and organisations do not have a professional staff to handle their webpages. Since websites are often updated regularly, you may find that you can get a continuing contract with several "regular customers" to keep you busy.

Data gathering- This is a broad, loosely defined activity, but usually involves collecting data for businesses to use in addressing their customer needs and preferences, or for looking for new products or suppliers for their existing customer base.

Consulting- Many businesses or individuals hire consultants to investigate issues of interest, whether in personnel or project management, property oversight, efficiency, or for decorating, shopping, even style and fashion.

Limitations of being a freelancer:

The benefits of freelancing are many: better work-life balance, the ability to choose your work hours and clients and unlimited income potential. However, launching a freelance or virtual business requires careful planning and preparation. Before you make the transition from full-time employee to freelancer, you should be aware of the pitfalls of self-employment.

Health insurance is a problem for freelancers. Many people get their health insurance from their job. It is easier to get a good policy if you are one of a large group, and employers tend to cover not only their employees but also the employees' spouses and children. Freelancers, however, usually have to find their own health insurance

One freelancer may find that she has enough work to keep her happy and wealthy while another may find the work coming in very slowly.

Whether the advantages or disadvantages of freelancing will be stronger depends upon a person's personality, family situation, skills, field, and money management. Freelancing means professional freedom, but it also means instability and the risk of failure. And that may not be what you need in your professional life. But if you risk your stability for something more in tune with your professional goals than a traditional job, you have the opportunity to build your name and reputation and reach your professional goals.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Focus on interview Preparation

Recent Statistics say…Only 20 percent of India’s graduates are employable. The number is apparently even smaller for engineering graduates. When asked to experts advice about the primary reason for this, a  lot will be spoken and written about the lack of soft skills. Some of the reasons cited for the same are lack of focus and definite career path among graduates, academic excellence and lack of industry relevant curriculum. But there is another big factor which is required rather than soft skills to secure a job

What you have to say to recruiter is as important a how you say it. If you have great soft skills (communication, team work, etc) but do not know the relevant information which is to be conveyed, you will end up looking ignorant. The information and knowledge expected by recruiters is different from what the syllabus includes.

 Most people focus on soft skills and technical skills. But what is it that really makes a candidate stand out when it comes to the interview?
When you apply for a job, knowing about the industry and an understanding of the job are two fundamental characteristics- employers look for in ideal candidate.
Understanding the industry starts with knowing the value chain of particular sector and the different players/organizations involved.

There are many critical aspects that the employer will expect you to know if you are looking for a role in their industry or organization. The second area of focus is the role that candidate is looking for.

Generally, roles can start from research and development, production planning, manufacturing, testing, marketing, sales and customer support.

Within the same industry one can look for any of the above roles. The choice of role should be dependent on skills that the candidate possesses. For example, for a research and development role, you require to have an in-depth understanding of the product.
In sales or marketing you need to have good communication skills for dealing with customers.

Once you have a good understanding of these areas, you can tailor your resume and approach to suit the requirements of the job you are applying to. This increases your chances of being shortlisted for interviews.
You can also seek job opportunities on your own instead of relying only on career services in college.

During the interview, you can demonstrate that you really understand the nature of industry, the challenges they are facing, etc. You can also show how your skill-set fits the role you are applying for.

These aspects will make you stand out from the crowd and help you impress your employers and that job.
To be able to figure out the fields and job roles that suit you the best, you should understand your job persona. Awareness about what it is like to work in different industries and functional areas will help you in deciding about your career.

To recommend a suitable career to you one should first understand your personality.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Importance of Part time Jobs in Student's Life

Most of us want to be independent from our early life and take up part time jobs as a need to finance our wants. Doing part time jobs will just be started up as passion to fulfill our wants, but its the best thing to be taken up. Intellectuals say to take up part time jobs as early as possible in your graduation period.It is best moments to try initial careers in students time. Its indeed best period in human's life to absorb knowledge and gain experience.

How is it helpful for a student?
Well,for an average to poor student he cannot get every thing fit into mind which teacher says. Lessons taught by teacher are even not enough many a times. He may always try to understand it. But once he has jumped into work and start applying it practically,he will master in his work. 

Effective time Management:
Best thing one learns by doing part time jobs is time management. Managing family, friends, studies, outings, are crucial issues for a student.So, getting used to it is pretty much important as it is going to be same for next 30-40 years. Keeping time management into factor it is advisable to take up jobs as early as possible. Learning how effectively to manage time while in college will help you as you progress in your career.They can handle big things better as they get older

Practical Approach of Learning:
They can apply the things taught at their college to their work. If else they could not find appropriate job, still it is beneficial as they can manage with things like meeting new people, gaining communication skills,get a peek at working world etc. For a student teacher it will help him to take up teacher post in future, for sales girl/ boy they can learn business tactics from their bosses.Working grows self esteem of a student.

Experience for future jobs:
Putting a record of your previous employment in your resume will let employers know that you are hard working, take initiative and have interest in professional development.They will recognize the fact that you know the value of work.Students taking a part-time job can get more experience for their future job.

Inculcates Personality Development:
Studies show that students who work are more confident and possess better time-management skills than students who are not employed. In addition to offering a paycheck,independence and satisfaction, a part-time job can provide both training and experience. Working teaches students about his responsibility.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Which Programming Language should a Fresher Opt.

Writing computer programs to solve problems is a basic skill all students must master. There are many popular programming languages. Students nowadays typically get exposure to more than one language. Which computer programming language should students know so that they will not miss fundamentals of computing? Which computer programming language should students learn first to gain computer-aided problem solving skills? Correct the answer is C

What is C?

C, a general purpose programming language built by Dennis Ritchie when he was a part of Bell Telephone labs. It was built to work with the Unix operating system.

Why is it important?

C is one of the most widely used programming languages at all time and C comilers are available for majority of available computer architectures and operating systems. Learning C is crucial. Once you learn C, making the jump to Java or C# or PHP is fairly easy, because a lot of the syntax is common. Also, a lot of C syntax is used in scripting languages

Computer programming is an essential skill for advanced studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Like in industry, C is also one of the most commonly used programming languages in colleges and universities. With experience in C programming, students are well prepared for advanced studies in colleges and universities.

Once students have learned C, they can pick up any other Programming languages by themselves.

 Certain languages and tools are typically used to solve domain specific problems. Therefore, the ability to understand and learn new languages is important. All other modern languages borrowed heavily from C. Once students learned C, it is easy for them to learn any other computer languages without much difficulty. On the other hand, even if students have learned other programming languages or visual programming, it is generally still quite difficult for them to learn C by themselves, especially for difficult topics such as pointers and linked lists. Computer programming in C needs a disciplined approach. Many people believe that if students start with computer programming using a type less scripting language first, then they would have even harder time to learn and master C afterwards.

C is the language of choice for system programming. Because of the performance and portability of C, almost all popular cross-platform programming languages and scripting languages, such as C++, Java, Python, Objective-C, Perl, Ruby, PHP are implemented in C and borrowed syntaxes and functions heavily from C. They share the similar operators, expressions, repetition statements, control structures, arrays, input and output, and functions. Furthermore, almost all languages can interface with C to take advantage of a large volume of existing C library. Many of their toolkits, modules or packages are written using C

C excels as a model of programming languages.

Studying C provides a solid foundation for students who want to learn advanced programming skills such as object-oriented programming, event-driven programming, Multi-thread programming, real-time programming, embedded programming, network programming, parallel programming, other programming languages, and new and emerging computing paradigms such as grid-computing and cloud computing.

Computer programming is becoming a necessary skill for many professions.

Writing computer programs is essential to solving complex science and engineering problems. Many principles and concepts in STEM disciplines can be illustrated and reinforced through writing programs. C and C++ are more widely used in STEM fields than any other programming languages such as Java, Fortran, or Matlab.
The notion that only future computer scientists or IT professionals need training in computer programming is no longer true. Outside of the IT industry, knowledge of computer programming is an essential skills for careers not only in STEM fields, but also in marketing, advertising, journalism and the creative arts. For example, market researchers may have to use or write programs to analyze a large set of data.

C is one of the foundations for modern information technology (IT) and computer science (CS).

Many working principles of IT and CS, such as programming languages, computer architectures, operating systems, network communication, database, graphical user interface (GUI), graphics, image processing, parallel processing, multi-threads, real-time systems, device drivers, data acquisition, algorithms, numerical analysis, and computer game, are based on or reflected in the functionalities and features of C. The experience in C will help students understand the working principles of these important concepts in IT and CS. Therefore, C is required for the CS

This smallness is one of the language's attractions. You can learn it quickly and be productive fast. This simplicity is enhanced by another rarely discussed characteristic. For this alone, C remains an excellent choice for systems-level code: It's fast, it's portable, it's easy to read and understand.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Build your career effectively by choosing a hobby

In an interview to public relations officer post, there were candidates with 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% merit. Where the resume of 90% candidate was like 93% in 10th.94% Intermediate, 89% in Graduation, and hobbies watching TV, listening to music. And in resume of 60% candidate, he just passed his 10th with  65%, Intermediate with 75%, graduation with 64%. But he highlighted his hobby of blood donation, campaigning for personality development, special skills as learned music for 3 years. No matter what might have gone in the interviewer’s mind, he selected 60% candidate to that respective post. So, here I straight away come to a point that having a hobby really matters.Hobby helps you to build your career effectively.Hobby adds an extra feature to your successful career growth. Building a hobby is one of a effective step in building up your career.
Why hobbies are good:
Hobbies are good because they help make people more well-rounded. Someone who spends all their energy on just one thing is going to have more stress (and be less interesting) than someone who has many different interests. Having a hobby helps you to relax and take your mind out of stress. Hobbies also give you something creative to do, and that improves your self-esteem. You can also use a hobby as a great way to socialize, which is another healthy thing to do.

How hobbies help us:
Hobbies help us get rid of stress in your life, without worrying about thing happening around you. Keeping yourself busy with hobbies help you keep your mind out of many evil ideas. Stress is the hardest thing to avoid and one should avoid it with filling up hobbies.
People sometime choose hobbies without realizing that they are doing so. A casual interest grows into fascination and one may start learning about the subject, and spares an increasing amount of time to it. After deciding a hobby he may gather more information from sources, much from books and magazines.

Which are not considered as hobbies?

Few people say shopping is their hobby- does it really sense. Shopping is an activity which is unavoidable by every one, for one or other time. Many want to look attractive and want to be noticed by every one so they go shopping to buy accessories, cosmetics or even house decorative besides being advantage of meeting and talking to strangers and improving communication, shopping has its adverse effects.  It causes mental disturbance if we cannot buy or don't find our product. Most sever is addiction, it results in lose of money and time. It also causes physiological problems of dissatisfaction.

Choose good and worthy hobbies:
A hobby is an activity you enjoy to do, it is something of your choosing, something unique to your taste and talent. A hobby can enhance our well-being and can give more meaning to our life. Just as physical exercise is important for the body, cognitive relaxation, i.e. relaxation of the mind is also essential. The creative forces of energy present in everyone should not be repressed. In fact studies reveal that people who cultivate themselves through such activities are less likely to suffer from anxieties, rage, depression and other negative feelings.

Perhaps one of the best active ways to get in touch with yourself is to explore yourself through your hobby. It does not matter as much what your hobby is; than having a hobby of your own. It is the private time you have with yourself. Interestingly, when you have a hobby, you will strive to create time for yourself and manage your schedule well to keep that appointment with yourself.
 It is a gift you can give to yourself that shall be an enriching and rewarding experience for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Best for Freshers.. choose PHP

Are you BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA or Graduate from any stream with basic knowledge on "C" language , If your answer is yes, then you are suitable to learn PHP.

Most of the people are confused about career opportunities, jobs in MNC and job security in future

All are baseless worries, just keep away of these questions step into PHP. Here is brief clarification for all your questions.


PHP is the fastest growing web development language now. Mostly in India using of PHP has grown rapidly, within these 4 years. Many big and successful websites and applications are using PHP as a primary language for their developments. But In India, there are some common questions and confusions roam in PHP programmer's mind , like-
  •  There are no career opportunities in PHP, how will I grow?
  •  Big brands are not using PHP , I will never get opportunities to work in MNC with PHP !!!
  •  PHP is a very easy language , there are no core technical concepts involved in this.
Here we try to clarify your doubts about PHP

1.PHP in web development:

There are many career opportunities in PHP. Since PHP is a web development language, Today more than 60% websites are using PHP scripting language. Websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, Myspace are some of the big names those are using PHP. You can choose web development as your core expertise with PHP. Many websites from different domains like CMS,CRM and E-Commerce are developed using PHP. So,you can have opportunities in working above domains with PHP. Now PHP is used in almost all kind of business domains.

2.Open Source:

One good thing about PHP is, it has a strong open source community , which gives you classic products like Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress which are very strong platforms for website development. And It’s free and for it’s support there are worldwide professionals who will help you out to resolve any related issue. PHP community is more than enough to learn PHP. After getting experience with PHP you should go for frameworks. PHP frameworks are also available under open source license. To jump, start your practice on PHP,just install bundled application Xampp or Wamp. Be ready to enjoy the power of open source.

3. BIG BRANDS using PHP:

Big brands are also using PHP. If you look at big internet brands like Facebook, Yahoo, GoogleWordpress and many others, they use PHP a lot.
In India, top brands as TCS,HCL,CSC,HP,Intel and IBM, Persistent,Cybage, L&T, Infotech, Clarion Technologies works in PHP.
Many other top companies as, and (InfoEdge) do projects in PHP.

PHP CMS systems like Joomla and Drupal are used in many top and medium level organizations.
Though, enterprise level projects are not much in PHP with big brands in India, but if you talk about B2C business model in websites, PHP comes at first position.
Many other medium level companies have strong projects and client base in PHP. Such companies are small in size but they pay very well to their employees.

4.Easy to learn:  The most easy and fun way to learn PHP is by doing it through practical examples. On Internet you can find good resource to learn PHP fast and free, PHP is an easy language and that’s the beauty of this. There are following core technical features of PHP.

1- PHP is object oriented language.
2- PHP has strong MVC architectures like Cake, Zend, Kohana etc.
3- PHP provides you easy database connectivity with all top databases.
4- PHP is platform independent.

5.PHP Framework Availability:
 Number of frameworks are available for PHP language. These frameworks made PHP as one of the fast and most popular language for the web development. Advantage of using a framework is fast development due to code reuse, also they cut down errors by using tested and proven code

List of popular PHP frameworks :


If you have decided to make a career in PHP remember it’s not just PHP, you have to try hard for other applications ( Mysql, Js, Html and so on ). Remember coding in PHP is not a big deal but your code should be perfect it’s your responsibility. Making you code secure or not it’s upon you not on any language. Go for perfection.