Monday, 22 July 2013

Focus on interview Preparation

Recent Statistics say…Only 20 percent of India’s graduates are employable. The number is apparently even smaller for engineering graduates. When asked to experts advice about the primary reason for this, a  lot will be spoken and written about the lack of soft skills. Some of the reasons cited for the same are lack of focus and definite career path among graduates, academic excellence and lack of industry relevant curriculum. But there is another big factor which is required rather than soft skills to secure a job

What you have to say to recruiter is as important a how you say it. If you have great soft skills (communication, team work, etc) but do not know the relevant information which is to be conveyed, you will end up looking ignorant. The information and knowledge expected by recruiters is different from what the syllabus includes.

 Most people focus on soft skills and technical skills. But what is it that really makes a candidate stand out when it comes to the interview?
When you apply for a job, knowing about the industry and an understanding of the job are two fundamental characteristics- employers look for in ideal candidate.
Understanding the industry starts with knowing the value chain of particular sector and the different players/organizations involved.

There are many critical aspects that the employer will expect you to know if you are looking for a role in their industry or organization. The second area of focus is the role that candidate is looking for.

Generally, roles can start from research and development, production planning, manufacturing, testing, marketing, sales and customer support.

Within the same industry one can look for any of the above roles. The choice of role should be dependent on skills that the candidate possesses. For example, for a research and development role, you require to have an in-depth understanding of the product.
In sales or marketing you need to have good communication skills for dealing with customers.

Once you have a good understanding of these areas, you can tailor your resume and approach to suit the requirements of the job you are applying to. This increases your chances of being shortlisted for interviews.
You can also seek job opportunities on your own instead of relying only on career services in college.

During the interview, you can demonstrate that you really understand the nature of industry, the challenges they are facing, etc. You can also show how your skill-set fits the role you are applying for.

These aspects will make you stand out from the crowd and help you impress your employers and that job.
To be able to figure out the fields and job roles that suit you the best, you should understand your job persona. Awareness about what it is like to work in different industries and functional areas will help you in deciding about your career.

To recommend a suitable career to you one should first understand your personality.

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