Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Best for Freshers.. choose PHP

Are you BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA or Graduate from any stream with basic knowledge on "C" language , If your answer is yes, then you are suitable to learn PHP.

Most of the people are confused about career opportunities, jobs in MNC and job security in future

All are baseless worries, just keep away of these questions step into PHP. Here is brief clarification for all your questions.


PHP is the fastest growing web development language now. Mostly in India using of PHP has grown rapidly, within these 4 years. Many big and successful websites and applications are using PHP as a primary language for their developments. But In India, there are some common questions and confusions roam in PHP programmer's mind , like-
  •  There are no career opportunities in PHP, how will I grow?
  •  Big brands are not using PHP , I will never get opportunities to work in MNC with PHP !!!
  •  PHP is a very easy language , there are no core technical concepts involved in this.
Here we try to clarify your doubts about PHP

1.PHP in web development:

There are many career opportunities in PHP. Since PHP is a web development language, Today more than 60% websites are using PHP scripting language. Websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, Myspace are some of the big names those are using PHP. You can choose web development as your core expertise with PHP. Many websites from different domains like CMS,CRM and E-Commerce are developed using PHP. So,you can have opportunities in working above domains with PHP. Now PHP is used in almost all kind of business domains.

2.Open Source:

One good thing about PHP is, it has a strong open source community , which gives you classic products like Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress which are very strong platforms for website development. And It’s free and for it’s support there are worldwide professionals who will help you out to resolve any related issue. PHP community is more than enough to learn PHP. After getting experience with PHP you should go for frameworks. PHP frameworks are also available under open source license. To jump, start your practice on PHP,just install bundled application Xampp or Wamp. Be ready to enjoy the power of open source.

3. BIG BRANDS using PHP:

Big brands are also using PHP. If you look at big internet brands like Facebook, Yahoo, GoogleWordpress and many others, they use PHP a lot.
In India, top brands as TCS,HCL,CSC,HP,Intel and IBM, Persistent,Cybage, L&T, Infotech, Clarion Technologies works in PHP.
Many other top companies as, and (InfoEdge) do projects in PHP.

PHP CMS systems like Joomla and Drupal are used in many top and medium level organizations.
Though, enterprise level projects are not much in PHP with big brands in India, but if you talk about B2C business model in websites, PHP comes at first position.
Many other medium level companies have strong projects and client base in PHP. Such companies are small in size but they pay very well to their employees.

4.Easy to learn:  The most easy and fun way to learn PHP is by doing it through practical examples. On Internet you can find good resource to learn PHP fast and free, PHP is an easy language and that’s the beauty of this. There are following core technical features of PHP.

1- PHP is object oriented language.
2- PHP has strong MVC architectures like Cake, Zend, Kohana etc.
3- PHP provides you easy database connectivity with all top databases.
4- PHP is platform independent.

5.PHP Framework Availability:
 Number of frameworks are available for PHP language. These frameworks made PHP as one of the fast and most popular language for the web development. Advantage of using a framework is fast development due to code reuse, also they cut down errors by using tested and proven code

List of popular PHP frameworks :


If you have decided to make a career in PHP remember it’s not just PHP, you have to try hard for other applications ( Mysql, Js, Html and so on ). Remember coding in PHP is not a big deal but your code should be perfect it’s your responsibility. Making you code secure or not it’s upon you not on any language. Go for perfection.


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